Welcome to the Guardian Chronicle Magazine Website.  My name is Ralph E. Smith.  It brings me great joy to welcome you to the Guardian Chronicle.  The Chronicle is a fresh view on news, events, and information about New York City because of it's daily updates. 

As a writer, photographer, and former public relations director for various publications and organizations; I was always looking for methods to reach more people and give the community of New York City and organizations a tool to express their ideas.  I also wanted to develop a creative outlet for the men and women who serve this great City of New York.

To the New York City Correction Officers:  The Guardian Chronicle has love and respect for the men and women in Blue and the great service  provided each day to the City of New York!  As Mr. Norman Seabrook- COBA President says, "Correction Officers Patrol the Toughest Streets" The Guardian Chronicle respects New York City Correction Officers who have diverse backgrounds, talent, skills, and commitment to work with their communities and youth. The  daily story of  New York's Boldest Needs to be told! 

To the New York City Police Officers:  The Guardian Chronicle respects the professional job you do each day. 50,000 heroes.  Each day, there are so many members of service who make New York City safe!  Thanks for great job.

NYC Fire Fighters:  You do everyday what most will never do!  Each day at the sound of the alarm; you run towards the fire, heat, and danger to save lives!  Each week, the Guardian Chronicle will highlight the great job that all members of  service do for the City of New York.

Mission Statement:  To build bridges between various Law Enforcement Associations, and the communities they serve by providing an outlet for information, jobs, services, and youth.  The Guardian Chronicle will always work to paint a positive picture of the community and youth by highlighting the strength of the community, youth and the men and women who protect and serve their communities each day as Civil Servants.

Photos from Past and Present!

The Guardian Chronicle will feature photos both past and present of various organizations, and events.  The Guardian Chronicle has a vast collection of photos from yearly marches such as the African American Day Parade, One Million Black Men Go to Washington D.C, and various community events!  Stay tuned into these life changing photos!  The Guardian Chronicle- Recording and saving historical moments in African American history.

Photos of New York's Boldest by Ralph E. Smith

The World's Boldest Members of Service 

New York City Correction Officers' Benevolent Association Sponsored a Day at Rye Playland for Members and Family      Story and All Photos by Ralph E. Smith

Once again, the proud 10,000 COBA members and their families spent a free day at Rye Playland and enjoyed free food which included hot dogs, hamburgers, barbecued chicken, corn on the cob, baked ziti, baked beans, tossed salad, ice cream and other desserts.

When the gates opened at 9a.m., members of E.S.U. "Emergency Service Unit where dressed press sharp and all smiles as they provided tours of New York City Department of Correction tanks, armored cars, emergency service vehicles, rescue units and electronic search equipment.

This event is one more great example of the leadership and vision of Mr. Norman Seabrook- President and the COBA Executive Board!  Many thanks to Mr. Peter Benjaminson for sending the Guardian Chronicle the press release.

The Guardian Chronicle News Camera was on line again for the 5th year to take photos of the members, family and friends having a great time.  Take a look at our new Guardian Chronicle On-Line Photo Album.  You can view all the photos from Rye Play Land and see larger versions by clicking on the photo!

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This goes on the wall

We had a good time

Playland was great